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Bloom Youth Incubator


We invest in Top Talent like You were a Startup

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We are the first MENA Youth Talent Incubator

Bloom Youth Incubator has created a new model for funding early stage Top Talent 

Be part of a selected community: the top 1% talents groomed for the best careers

Learn and practice skills that matter for the future
Learn what is not taught in school and will make you have an amazing career
Get prepared to land and thrive in your future job


You are soon graduating. Now What?

How do you make sure that You are not just a top student but ready to get a top job? 

  • Recruitment agencies are not made to recognize top talent 

  • Companies do not have the resources to groom their junior talent: it is expensive and not always adapted to the young generation

  • The connection between academia and real world is missing: most students do not get the skills required to perform at work

  • The time and cost of additional education does not always cover for your investment


A 10 weeks Incubator program to gain the skills to be on top of the hiring list.
Learn, practice and assess your progress 

We prepare you to pitch live in front of the top MENA corporations.
Top companies access your profile and see you in action

You get selected, You pay a minimal registration fee and We get your Tuition paid by the hiring company.

You don't have to add more costs to get prepared for your dream job

  • What is Bessern ?
    Bessern is an online platform matching people with services delivered by best in class coaches and life counsellors. We offer professional help to solve life's challenges and reach a fulfilling life: Convenient - help by chat, videoconferencing, phone or face to face, when you need it Affordable Discreet We deliver our online coaching services for individuals or corporations through: the Bessern App [accessible through the main Bessern page] or here the Bessern Enterprise Platform [check for more information here]
  • How are the Coaches and Life Counselors verified ?
    The Bessern team ensures that information and documentation related to certifications, experience, identity and references, are duly verified. Checking credentials is not enough. We are selective: On top of checking coaches credentials, a full assessment of capabilities is conducted to ensure that each Bessern coach or life conselor is one of the best in its field of speciality.
  • How do I communicate with my Coach ?
    These are some ways to interact or communicate with your coach: Chatting with your coach - Bessern has an in app chat Speaking over the phone with your coach - This is possible for calls within the country or when possible WhatsApp calls Videoconference with your coach Face to Face - This is possible when you are in the same city and it has clearly been defined on the service selected In general, the options to communicate is defined in each service - if it is not clear, ask the options to the coach delivering the service inisde the chat for the service.
  • How much does it cost ?
    The cost of coaching or life counseling depends on the packaging of service that you have selected; for the same service usually you will find 3 options of pricing depending on the milestone you want to achieve or the time you want to devote to start with the service. To define the price of the service, we consider: the time involved to deliver the service the experience and reputation of the specific coach / life conselor delivering the service In any case, we aim to democratize the access to services related to coaching, life counseling and mental support.... this means that we offer affordable prices by benchmarking with traditional alternatives.
  • How does the Bessern App work ?
    The Bessern app is accessible directly through our website - it is a mobile app, which means that you can see it through the browser on your mobile and you can save it on your mobile to access it anytime. It is visible on desktop but it is not that awesome. The first time - you will have to register so that we can keep tabs of your preferences - it is up to you to leave your real name. To match you with a selection of services, you will select the areas of improvements that you would like to target. You can swipe the services to keep the ones that you are interested. Each service has a description and 3 levels of prices that you can select according to your preferences.... you can also use the messaging feature to ask questions to the coach before purchasing or at any time. Once the full service is delivered, you will provide a rating to the coach for the service provided. Right now, the app is in beta phase - we will enrich it with new features continuously. If there are any questions or feedback – you can reach us
  • What is Coaching or Life Coaching ?
    It is a one-to-one collaborative process where a trained professional helps you achieve your personal life goals or helps you clarify the ones that matters to you. As an example, it can be anything that you aim to achieve in your life: change in career, more confidence, better relationship with anyone that matters, unleash your potential in your career, etc. The coach is the one helping you with motivation, accountability, focus, action taking and moral support to achieve these goals in a structure and professional manner.
  • What is Bloom Youth?
    Coming soon
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