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Bloom Youth Incubator


We invest in Top Talent like You were a Startup

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We are the first MENA Youth Talent Incubator

Bloom Youth Incubator has created a new model for funding early stage Top Talent 

Be part of a selected community: the top 1% talents groomed for the best careers

Learn and practice skills that matter for the future
Learn what is not taught in school and will make you have an amazing career
Get prepared to land and thrive in your future job


You are soon graduating. Now What?

How do you make sure that You are not just a top student but ready to get a top job? 

  • Recruitment agencies are not made to recognize top talent 

  • Companies do not have the resources to groom their junior talent: it is expensive and not always adapted to the young generation

  • The connection between academia and real world is missing: most students do not get the skills required to perform at work

  • The time and cost of additional education does not always cover for your investment


A 10 weeks Incubator program to gain the skills to be on top of the hiring list.
Learn, practice and assess your progress 

We prepare you to pitch live in front of the top MENA corporations.
Top companies access your profile and see you in action

You get selected, You pay a minimal registration fee and We get your Tuition paid by the hiring company.

You don't have to add more costs to get prepared for your dream job

The Bloom Youth (BY) Incubator FAQ

What do you learn in 10 weeks?

The 10 weeks Bloom Youth Incubator is a program:

  • to prepare students with the skills that matters for your career success: in enterprise or as entrepreneur. Skills to be productive, connected with others, adaptable to changes, disruptive, creative, able to manage the fast-paced world of business, stand out with behaviours that are traits of leaders and more
  • to help you chose the right career path: we help you unclutter your career choice beyond corporate brands. We help you choose based on purpose, values, skills and traits that will make you thrive in your future work
  • to increase your visibility in front of companies that will value your newly acquired value proposition

Is there a selection to be part of the Bloom Youth Incubator?

We have a selection process to ensure that we have the right mapping of your potential and that we work with the top 1% young talents.

High Academical results demonstrate that you have knowledge - It does not ensure that you have what it takes to thrive at work.

We assess emotional intelligence, agility, critical reasoning and drive.

How do you learn in the Bloom Youth Incubator?

The 10 weeks program requires 4-5 hours weekly from the students:

  • Weekly online live session

  • Weekly group and individual practice

We use our app:

  • to access our comprehensive library of video learnings

  • to interact at any time with our learning coaches

  • to assign individual actions or challenges

  • to monitor and communicate progress

Our learning process is based on behavioural and positive psychology. We use technology to reinforce learning and practice. We are digitally native: we create content made for engagement, motivation and knowledge acquisition.

How much does it cost?

The 10 - weeks program has a registration fee of 100 USD. We select only a small group of participants.

We promote you with top corporations. The hiring company will contribute to your development - for landing a top 1% graduate groomed for success.

What are the benefits of joining the Bloom Youth Incubator?

Educational institutions for our Youth are focused on the acquisition of knowledge: 80% of the skills, traits and mindsets required in the workforce are not learnt in school/

The most in demand skills by corporations are not covered in a standard academical curricula - we are covering this gap.

Today - having excellent academical results is not enough to make a career that is fulfilling and makes the best of your potential - we ensure that you have the profile that matches your career expectation.

We groom and promote the top 1% students so that they do not have to make career choices by default or take a job with a low salary.

Imagine that you are a start-up: we assess your potential, invest in your development and make sure that you are equipped for success. Yes, we have the same process as a start-up incubator.