The Mindful Workplace

Bessern and Moment Company are bringing technology and science to scale Mindfulness in the Workplace

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We have created live programs, digital micro-learnings and tools that help organizations improve wellbeing, productivity and purpose in organizational cultures. We transform intentions into measurable outcomes.


A mental fitness product and program for modern life

The Moment Pebble is the only unconnected physical mental wellbeing device that promotes short mental breaks.


The Meaning of Mindfulness

  • It means focusing on the present and not letting your mind wander into future thoughts


  • an average person’s attention span is 12 seconds and is narrowing because of the abundant information given to us

  • we create inefficiencies when we multi-task - as our brain will jump from one thought to another, losing information and focus

  • its practice develops neuroplasticity allowing the brain to reorganize itself to cope better with a new situation

Mindfulness impacts how your brain performs at its best

  • When we’re under stress, practicing mindfulness would make the the brain’s amygdala smaller, therefore, making your brain less susceptible​ to stress

  • When it comes to being creative, practicing mindfulness would thicken the grey matter in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain - an area known to be responsible for controlling emotions, planning, and solving problems thus, allows for more productivity 

  • Mindfulness can also thicken the hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for memory and learning

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