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Why everyone needs a coach at one point in their career

As an individual, you go through different stages in your life concerning your professional career. For instance, entering into a university and having to explore which major to pursue can be a challenge and it is helpful to have a professional coach discuss options and look at your behavioral and career preference styles; being a college a student nearing graduation you would be thinking about how to kick start your career or which career path is better suited for you; being a mid-level professional and looking to progress into senior management or change careers is what faces most professionals today at one time or another; thus, having the right support of a career coach will enable you to make the right decision for your future.

Having a coach by your side, you can benefit from their guidance and expertise to reach your potential.

Following are the different benefits that career coaching has to offer for your short and long term success in your professional life.

1. They help recognize your value

One of the major parts of career coaching is to understand your key strengths and weaknesses, both as an individual and as a professional. Doing so will help them to understand the different skills and abilities you have to offer. Once you know your worth as a professional, it will help you during your job hunting process and will allow you to negotiate your salary in accordance to your skillset.

2. They help you build confidence

There comes a point in everyone's life when they feel down and low on confidence. However, to be successful in a professional career, you have to be at your best all the time with full of confidence in your abilities and skillset. A career coach will offer you an outside perspective on how you are different from others and why you should feel confident in the things that you are doing.

3. They help you navigate through difficult decisions

At least once in your professional career, you will encounter a make or break situation that will define your entire professional life. Thus, having someone who you can trust will offer you a unique ability to make an informed decision. Asking families and friends might not be the best of ideas, as their opinions can tend to be biased at times. However, a career coach will provide a more neutral response to your make or break situation.

Whether you admit it not, there comes a situation in everyone's life where they need proper guidance and support. It can be during the start, middle or end of your career, but everyone needs a coach at one point in their professional career.

Even the best of athletes and business people have coaches. How do you think they are able to maintain their competitive edge!

Elena Agaragimova

Bessern Coach - Global Talent Development Adviser


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