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What a journey!

Bessern is in the process of refocusing resources to continue its mission of providing impact to people. We, the founders, have started the process of transferring our stakes to one of our early partners - our mission will continue in another form with more focus on mental health.
The founders will not be involved anymore on the Bessern operational side of delivering human skills programs for corporate clients. We, (Elena and Ivan) will continue our own personal aspirations and ventures - we can be reached out for support on human skills for corporates - Elena's email or LinkedIn profile and Ivan here.

Bessern has gone through all of the joys and pains of a startup and we are grateful for what we learnt, achieved and even for the tough lessons (that some may call it mistakes).

We are grateful for:

  • the thousands of people who were impacted by our programs

  • our customers who had faith on us and wanted to explore a way of learning that was not the usual way

  • our investors who believed in our mission and capabilities as founders

  • the tech developer’s team that had to cope with our ‘creativity’

  • the time of extreme stress raising funds

  • the ones that we consider friends and made the time to advise us as a sign of generosity

  • our families for standing on our side in the crazy times of pure uncertainty


We have grown stronger and wiser out of this experience.
With love,

Elena Agaragimova and Ivan Palomino

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