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We train people to thrive and be at their best at work using
Technology and Behavioral Science

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Our Tribe

Our Core Team

Elena Agaragimova


Founder - Chief Growth Officer

Extensive experience in higher education and a recognized as one of the most reputable talent development advisor in the Middle East

Ivan Palomino


Founder - Chief Product Officer

Passionate about Behavioral Sciences ex-scientist with extensive corporate experience in Innovation and Marketing. 2x Technology founder, Wellbeing at Work Advocate

Haruka Marufuji


Director - Organisation Leadership & Culture

Lecturer at Middlesex University, researcher on global leadership, co-founder of a Technology startup.

Haruka has worked in several global corporations in banking, media and FMCG.

Our Beliefs

Behavioral science

Our learning methodology is based on the latest research on brain science

Learning is about action

We can only acquire sustainable knowledge by practice

Consistency vs. Intensity

Creation consistent routines (micro-actions) so the change does not depend on motivation

Personalized experiences

We learn best when we relate to the learning and we have human to support us in the journey to change 

 Change starts with a belief 

We use Positive Psychology to help people build confidence and resilience for change

Psychological resources control

We build the Mindset, Resilience and mental band width for action

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