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Simply Human! Awards

Recognizing HR professionals making an impact on Humans in their Organizations

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Simply Humans Awards ✨ is a unique search to:

🔎 spot the braves, the ones doing actions to make people feel at best at work
🔎 find HR people doing what is right for people in their organization despite titles or job descriptions
🔎 share stories that can inspire others to create a more human workplace

Nominations are open until 1st February 2023

Winners of the Simply Human! Awards 2022

Congratulations and thank you for inspiring people and organizations

​Donna M. Brown Head of People and Culture Ford Pro Charging

Donna M. Brown
Head of People and Culture
Ford Pro Charging

Donna represents a steadfast value proposition at Ford Pro Charging in a very fast-moving, high-demand, and high growth industry. She makes a difference every day through her courage and commitment to the sustainability of employees who are expected to deliver at an extraordinary high level every day. The demands of the business can absolutely overwhelm people's wellbeing and the culture build process. As a start up, she is building the airplane as they fly it. She has earned the ear and trust of her CEO through her experience, influence, and genuine care. 

She is responsible for setting a foundation for excellence, leading with values, and a focus on people and leader development that will allow for growth and people to flourish. This is often overlooked in early stage startups that forsake people and a values system in the name of overwork. Donna's actions are keeping her workplace human as she integrates and positions wellbeing at the forefront of the leadership experience and the broader culture. 

​Vijay Menon HR Leader Al Hamra

Vijay Menon
HR Leader
Al Hamra

Vijay has been instrumental in shaping the culture of the team and empowering the employees especially during COVID,  ensured work life balance for employees. He has implemented Processes and HR Best Practices thereby improvising practices, policies and work culture overall.  

​Barry Thrutchley VP HR USA Puratos

Barry Thrutchley

Barry is an HR veteran. In his current role at Puratos, he is developing and organizing around a global transformation centered on purpose, employee experience, and total wellbeing. 

In great leadership fashion, he has recruited team members and guided their growth, providing them a great deal of responsibility for their growth while he maintains his focus upstream on engaging stakeholders, educating and informing on best practices, and a demonstrated willingness to problem solve and transform his company. 

These kinds of efforts require an incredible amount of patience, a considerable amount of time invested to advance small steps, and courage to articulate a value proposition not widely understood or shared around the globe. 

Barry is a skilled communicator, understand HR is a people profession that represents people and their interests to advance company agendas. Barry does both, equally, and knows when and how to wield his influence for the greater good centered on people. 

​Steve Cadigan Ex-Chief Human Resources Officer LinkedIn

Steve Cadigan
Ex-Chief Human Resources Officer

Dedicating the late stages of his career to create a better future of work post Covid.  Literally traveling the world to create a more human centered future of work culture.  

​Rebecca Wood Client Relations Specialist nTech Workforce

Rebecca Wood
Client Relations Specialist
nTech Workforce

Rebecca is constantly going out of her way to improving our business processes. She cares about our clients and our team members and always makes everyone feel so valued and appreciated. She is one of those people who will make a mark in your life even if you do not work with them directly or on a day-to-day basis. nTech Workforce is so lucky to have team members like Rebecca who contribute to our culture and wellbeing. 

​Jenny Mathai Senior Manager - Human Resources Al Hamra

Jenny Mathai
Senior Manager - Human Resources
Al Hamra

Jenny functions as the organizational representative and HR Manager for her knowledge area, and applies her expertise to support the organization’s vision and strategic direction in all our entities within the Group. In addition, she works closely with management as well as HR professionals in other disciplines to ensure a seamless coordination of issue resolution that impacts multiple HR areas to support the operational functions  Jenny is socially responsible and creates a welcoming atmosphere in the HR Department, she possesses extensive interpersonal skills which is a huge asset as an HR Professional. Her presence exudes a positive vibe with her wit and charm making the environment a happy one.

Image by Almos Bechtold

Simply Humans Awards ✨ and the need for human inspiration:

When we think about change in organizations, it is something that is done by the people for the people. But, more often than not, we forget to recognize the brave heroes who are making an impact on their teams & organizations. Sometimes they don't necessarily hold high ranking positions, but are individual contributors – and sometimes we have senior leadership who are the impact makers. They exist at all levels of an organization. We want to bring those people to light! They are the one making changes, taking actions, and truly transforming the way we work.

Who can you nominate for the Simply Humans Awards?

HR individuals regardless of seniority level.  Questions to ask yourself as you are thinking of the right person:

  • Is what they are doing something beyond a job description? – We want people who did action with heart and minds despite all odds

  • Was it an action or an idea? - We want actions not just ideas

  • Did their actions have an impact on humans in their organization? – Business outcomes can be left for other awards, we care only on humans at work.

  • Is it something that I observed or something that I was told? – we want real stuff that you saw with your own eyes

In which categories can I nominate? 

  1. Wellbeing : people who implemented actions that improve the wellbeing of the organization

  2. People’s Development: people who implemented programs, activities that supported personal and professional development that changed the lives of the people for the better

  3. Culture: people who are constantly striving to bring and implement solutions that allow employees to live and breathe the company's values: making it tangible, relatable and with a purpose

People at work Simply Human Awards

The simply human! awards is about creating inspiration for others. We want to share their journeys & actions... so that it can inspire others to do the same

Judge Simply Human Awards

Simply Humans Awards ✨ the process:

It is a nomination only process – our jury validates according to the quality of nominations and impact on organizations

We do not accept nominations by organizations, we do not accept sponsorships or contributions of any kind.

You can already nominate for 2023, accepted nominations will be communicated on the 23 February 2023 in this website.

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