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The 10 Days Challenge

Reach Your Goals by Creating Habits for Success

You have been trying to achieve a goal and You have noticed that motivation is not enough. To make your goal happen, it is more about a consistent process of small steps. 
Whether you are trying to start something new, do a career change, expand your network, write a book, start a podcast, create healthy habits, improve yourself... 
This challenge is FOR YOU.

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The Challenge to effectively make a Change:


Be part of a community that aims ​to create habits for change:

  • 10 days in a world-class learning journey

  • Online learning program in our community app

    • Video ​Learnings

    • Practical assignments

  • Online support from our coaches via our app


  • Life time access to to our online community app

    • Access to extra video learnings

    • Online Q&A and group discussions

    • Daily Productivity and Well-being tips and articles


* Program is self-paced and lasts 10 consecutive days 

Learn a Science-backed process for individuals who want to achieve their goals.

Practical | Effective | Based on Behavioral Science

Challenge Motivation

How can I be part of this Challenge?

  • We ask for participants, the commitment to devote daily a minimum of 10 minutes (maximum of 60 minutes - depending on how much want to devote each day). We want to ensure that we prepare you to drive consistent rituals for your change

  • You will also receive the access to our Bessern community app - this is where you will have access to the resources

  • Finally - if your mind is telling you that is time to make a change in your life. What is stopping you to start Now ?



learn change with a proven methodology

Yes! I Want To Be part of this Challenge

Get started. It is free

This is our way to create a community of people who can effectively start change - the way we did

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