45% of employees suffer of anxiety and stress at work – affecting sick leave days and productivity at work. Do you know the financial impact in your company?

Break Old Patterns, Design New Productivity Habits

Learning matters when you start consistent practice; It only takes a few minutes per day to create sustainable change. BessernLife brings you effective tools and programs to help you take control of new behaviors that will make you thrive at work.

Our habit building techniques are based on evidence-based interventions in positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy and other behavior change disciplines

Simple & Effective Solutions for Your Productivity & Well-Being

Science now provides the tools you need to make the changes you want to achieve.

Our easy and effective “learn & practice” daily “vitamins” give you no excuse to achieve full potential.

Your Emotional Well-Being Can Be Measured and Activated for Higher Impact

Achieving tangible results depends on your well-being – have you noticed how fast you learn and get results when you have an optimal growth mindset, resilience, and trust in your capabilities?

We measure progress on your mental well-being and build “Vitamins” to help you achieve meaningful improvements.

A Performance Coach To Keep A Sustained Traction: Accessible When Needed The Most

Human interaction is essential to drive motivation and create the individuality that everybody needs to thrive. Employees can access a pool of performance coaches to get support on achieving their goals

Transform your organization get measurable results


A fully scalable Digital Platform for a Thriving Organization with a Cost Efficient Subscription Model

Bessern: Simplicity & Measurable Results


Daily Learning Programs

We call them Vitamins and they require only short time to take


Track your Organization Progress & Well-being

What gets measured, Gets Done. We track the accomplishments and well-being of your people. We provide aggregated analytics for you to check where your money goes​


Access to human support

Online Access to Performance Coach when your organization need it the most


Learning through Behavioral Change

It is real progress only when your organization starts building change in day to day job. We create habits that last

Transform your organization 

get measurable results