By Elena Agaragimova 

Take actions to seize the opportunity for change: 

work on you and ignite others

Being a realistic optimist, I found that any challenge in life presents an opportunity for something positive. As with this current pandemic the world is experiencing, I do believe there is a silver lining for all of us – as individuals and as organizations. You must decide what that silver lining is for you and be open to what this movie-like reality we are going through will offer you.

When it comes to recognizing opportunities amidst turbulent environments, in the page to follow I look at it from two perspectives. First and foremost – as individuals, focusing on our internal state. And, as organizations – or leaders of organizations – focusing on how to best navigate teams and businesses through this transition.
In this book, I want to share some strategies that have worked for my clients, as well as personal experiences, and also offer some advice based on best practices and research when it comes to leading teams through change. I am a huge believer that we create our own future, regardless of what is happening, and we cannot
control many things, but you might be surprised at how much we do have control over.

Just to clarify, I don’t think positive thinking is everything, but I do believe that by SHIFTING energy to design the positive future we want will have more impact than reminiscing the past we need to leave behind or engaging in negativity of any kind.

Elena Agaragimova - Managing Partner at Bessern

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