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Our Flagship Leadership Program

Just Lead!

Just Lead! is made to stop wishing and start acting. A program with the ultimate action based toolbox to build leaders to be, upgrade your leadership software and ultimately have impact for yourself and your company

Just Lead! helps mid-level managers develop mindset for change, human skills for leadership and a proven method for action.
In return, companies get a super engaged organization, continuous growth and innovation and talent that are motivated to stay in your organization
What your people get in our Just Lead! Program

The Just Lead! Program is a practical, effective, and science-backed course based on behavior change. It is made to make people practice and enjoy what they learn.

How Amin transformed through our program
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A unique learning approach for today's Leaders

A simple structure to get results in 6 week

  • 6 Weekly Live Sessions of  90 minutes with Online Delivery

  • Max. 10 people

Combined with In-App practice:

  • Individual access to facilitator: Ask any question and Feedback

  • Micro-Learning

The Program Content

Thrive as an individual

​Enhance your inner resources: 

  • Connection - Open Communication, Participation, Positive Relationships, Trust Climate

  • Awareness - Focus, Flow, Values, Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation

  • Agility - Resilience, Growth Mindset, Sense of Control, Risk Tolerance

Inspire Others

Ignite sustainable drive for your team:

  • Drive for Results - Alignment, Feedback, Problem Solving, Influence

  • Inclusion - Purpose, Engagement, Energy, Calm

  • Team Impact - Motivating, Coaching, Encouraging Ownership, Recognition

Upskilling with clear results
Increase talent retention
Save time and money with an organization that actually practice what they learn
Activate human skills to drive your organization transformation
Get early results within 6 weeks

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