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Digital Learning powered by Behavioral Science

Scale up continuous learning in your organization 

A Science-based learning platform to disrupt your learning culture

Train people effectively in less time, with 20x higher engagement vs. traditional Learning Management Systems, 10x higher knowledge retention and completion rates.  Motivate your organization to learn and practice micro-actions for actual behavior change - backed up by brain science.

Overcome the challenges of traditional online learning:

•    Learners rarely take action and apply what they learn, resulting in low knowledge retention.
•    No human interaction. This leads to low completion rates and high drop rates.
•    Learners don't receive feedback as part of the learning process, reducing their ability to acquire new skills effectively.
•    Learn how to follow through on what you set out to do, without relying on motivation.

Learn the way the brain works:

•    A platform based on behavioral science, using the powerful AFT model (Action - Feedback - Trigger)
•    Encourage learners to take micro-actions that turn into daily habits for actual behavior change.
•    Let learners know how they did through real time feedback from the coach or their learning community.

•    Motivate learners on next actions and daily habits through contextual triggers.

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About the myQuest learning platform

  • Crafting a Mindset - Understanding behavioral psychology to tap into motivation, perspective and positive outcomes

  • myQuest is an award-winning online learning platform made to create effective learning experiences. Through gamification and personalized learning centered on collaboration and engagement

  • With myQuest, you can easily implement action-based learning that is designed for actual behavior change. While most LMS need long and costly implementation; you can create your first program in a couple of hours without a consultant sitting by your side

  • myQuest is part of the world's top Gamification and Delivery companies (source:



  • Community: Turn your virtual program into a community to encourage participation & engagement.

  • Experiential Micro-Learning: Deliver content through actionable missions, making it super easy for learners to take on new information.

  • Habit Formation Tools: Help participants form new habits to create long-lasting behavioral change.

  • Gamification: Use the power of games to incentivize participants and turn your content into a fun journey.

  • Analytics: Get control of your investment and have quantifiable results on the progress of your learning culture

  • Intuitive Deployment: Get your new learning live within minutes

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Action-based learning for transformative impact and scalability

Download a complimentary whitepaper on how to transform online learning to real work outcomes. Get to know how behavioral science is transforming corporate learning.

Transform your organization 

If you are ready to transform your learning strategy and create a continuos learning culture, why wait?

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