Our journey has not be written alone

Our Tribe of Change Makers

The story of Bessern is about impact and collaboration with like-minded partners; organizations and people that believe that they can change the world

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Finllect is on a mission to make the next generation of consumers become more mindful with their money - with a financial wellness app for Gen Zs to build credit, prequalify for financial services and automate their finances. Instead of analyzing  income, credit utilisation, or history, Finllect enables underserved financial consumers who are new to financial services to build an instant credit score for free using recurring micro-payments. The application also offers bite-sized financial content and tools to enable Gen Zs to make smart financial choices.

The Happiness Factory

At The Happiness Factory, we believe in a world where people are more connected, love what they do – energized, passionate and fulfilled–, and through this contribute to the bigger whole. We believe in an economy where people, purpose, planet and profit come together. WE PARTNER WITH AMBITIOUS LEADERS, WHO WANT TO REACH MORE IN AN EASIER WAY.

Global Impact Initiative

Gii provides transformative education & learning, professional development, skill building and mentoring to individuals, families and communities. The Global Impact Initiative facilitates meaningful connections between local and global organizations to build bridges of understanding and promote lifelong learning. 

Ma'an Authority of Social Contribution

Ma’an Authority for Social Contribution brings together the government, the private sector and civil society to nurture new and innovative solutions for social challenges and grow a sustainable community sector that makes a long-term impact in people’s lives. Through their Social Incubator, we have developed a tech solution to enhance mental well-being and productivity in the workplace.

Inspire Selection

Inspire Selection are experts at connecting the best people to the right job opportunities. Voted the ‘best Recruitment Agency in Dubai’ for five years in a row. We jointly offer a Career Development Skills Academy to help people thrive in their career transition with high productivity, motivation and growth mindset.

Mental Health UAE

A shared space for awareness, acceptance & support for Mental Health in the UAE. A relentless initiative to make mental well-being accessible to all.