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6 Reasons Why People Are Moving to Online Coaching

Online coaching and counseling is one of the most trending ways to access the help of coaches via digital platforms. In addition to, or as an alternative option from the traditional face-to-face appointments, coaches use different means to interact such as video conferencing, chat, voice messaging, and phone calls.

Online Coaching is becoming more and more popular, as a method:

for mental health maintenance or a viable way to help people with their challenges or reach their life goals.

for driving change in organizations - as a scalable way to transform organizations with individuals that are highly engaged and willing to apply new behaviors.

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer online coaching:

1. Cost - traditional face to face sessions are expensive. In comparison, online coaching apps offers more affordable choices

2. Convenience – in our busy lives finding time to plan a face to face session is challenging; people feel more comfortable doing a session in the comfort of their own home

3. Privacy – some clients may worry to be seen with a coach/counselor due to stigma. Online coaching and counseling gives you a strong sense of anonymity

4. Flexibility – it is easier to reschedule, cancel, change a coach or even the duration of the sessions - tailored better to your needs. Personalized options such as chat / text-based sessions may be advantageous to some clients allowing more structure to their thoughts.

5. Greater Transparency – Usually the choice of a coach includes information on the number of clients and ratings coming from real clients. This reassures the choice of coach/counselor and service adopted by the client

6. Openness: Face-to-Face interactions to share our challenges can be scary; having the options of chat-based discussion allows clients to open up and make faster progress

Online Coaching

We live in a society where we all crave for choices and quicker results. The price of modernity is a higher level of stress, anxiety and demand on performance. Inevitably taking a toll on our mindset and motivation. At the same time, digital has opened more doors to access prevention and solutions for the most recurrent challenges in our life such as: stress, anxiety, striving at work, finding a career path, leadership, starting entrepreneurship, work life balance, motivation to achieve your goals, managing relationships, etc.

In the USA alone, more than 50 million people are using online coaching and counseling platforms due to the reasons above. As with anything, we humans will always find ways to strive.

Ivan Palomino

Founder of Bessern - Online Coaching & Development for Human and Enterprise Transformation


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