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Can we transform Performance and Well-Being in Corporate?

Organizations are constantly raising the bar of success, providing value to millions of their customers, aiming for products of unimaginable cost, convenience, and creativity.

Behind each success story are the people, your workforce:

· Many are thriving while others are silently coping with stress – today, as much as 45% of employees suffer from office stress

· Despite being overwhelmed with workload, some try to motivate themselves to attend trainings that may not be as important or relevant

· Some work in the evening or weekends compensating for what they are not able to get done, but at the cost of their private and family lives

· There are those who stare at their computer screens without doing any real work simply due to exhaustion and lack of regular sleep

At Bessern, we believe that people can thrive, increase their performance and have an optimal mindset to be at par with their organization success.

We have created the first Middle East Tech platform to measure and improve performance & well-being in corporations – Employees learn, practice healthy behaviors, track their improvements and have access to individual human support when needed the most.

Organizations can track the overall impact of their investment, reduce costs of Learning & Development, and actually have an organization that is engaged and productive.

transform Performance

Our team is made out of passion and experience in people’s development using proven methods in positive psychology and neuroscience.

We have combined technology with behavioral science to allow people to learn and create positive new behaviors, the way the brain works.

· Employees create their own learning path based on their individual well-being and performance challenges

· They work on creating consistent behaviors that will support their goals

· They learn through +100 topics selected to grow mindsets and business performance – all topics are designed based on science

· At any time, they can access a performance coach to drive motivation and create the individuality that everybody needs to thrive

In our journey, the Bessern team has been supported by the Maan Social Incubator - a part of Abu Dhabi’s development accelerator initiative ‘Ghadan 21’ under the directive of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Together, we aim to transform how organizations learn and thrive in the Middle-East.

Get in touch: Elena Agaragimova // Ivan Palomino


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