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Understanding Neuroscience will help you reach your potential

People pursue working with a coach for various reasons, it could be for a career change, lifestyle change, re-inventing and managing personal brand, stress, time management and other areas of focus. What all of these have in common is that an individual is looking to implement some sort of change in their life. Change is possible; however, real, transformative and long last change is challenging for most people. Why is it difficult? Because we have lived in a certain way and practiced certain habits for many years, and when it is time to change those habits, we expect that it will happen quick and rarely does it turn out this way. And, if doesn’t happen as quick as we expect it to, we give up and fall into the same patterns, same life direction.

In our coaching practice, we work with individuals to help them set their goals, plan, and execute. We are there to support and keep our clients accountable, while providing some guidance and a sounding board in the process. In our work with clients, I can tell you that many people have what it takes to reach their goals, and the only thing that is stopping them is – themselves. This is where we work together to really get into the motivations of the person, their realities and where they wish to be as it relates to that particular goal. From there, we work on closing the gap and for some it can take weeks, for others months.

Each person’s journey is very unique and depends on various factors and it is through that journey, however short or long, that growth happens.

When working with clients, we found that utilizing findings from neuroscience can really help us as coaches work more efficiently and positively with our clients. According to Jeffrey Schwartz, a neuroscientist and author, he states that in order for us to make a change that lasts it will depend on how much attention we give to the thing we want to change or what he calls “attention density”. It relates to the concept that when you focus on a specific area for improvement, you will improve in that area. As the saying goes, “water is greenest where you water it”, With that being said, as coaches it is our job to help the individual increase the attention density by creating a safe space for our clients to reflect, discuss their goals, ask them insightful questions, and hold them accountable. As coaches, it is not our aim to tell our clients what to do or how to do it, instead we merely guide them towards finding their own answers and creating their own futures. When people arrive at their own conclusions and set their own goals, their brains will adjust to this new pattern of thoughts and are more likely to stick with the goal ahead and transform their lives.

At Bessern, our aim is to incorporate our know how from neuroscience into our practice with individuals and corporate. Our intention is to ensure that our clients transform through our work together and lead fulfilling lives.

Elena Agaragimova - Global Talent Development Adviser

Ivan Palomino - Innovation Adviser

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