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Why Do You Need a Career Coach?

A career coach can be an incredible asset to have by your side for any professional. Whether it's about helping you to rewrite your resume, or to have more clarity about your long-term career objective, or you are simply unsure which path to take – career coach is one thing that you certainly need to have. Getting a different perspective from an expert professional can be of extreme help. Following are a few reasons wherein having a career coach could prove vital for your success professionally or simply expanding your horizons.

1. You are unaware of what you want

Often people have a misconception that career goals are simply about making money and gaining social status. And to be honest, it is nothing like that. An ideal career is the one wherein you are able to tap into your strongest passions, utilize your biggest strengths and something which offers a perfect balance between personal and professional life. Knowing exactly what you want can be a tedious task and is not as simple as it sounds. It involves analyzing various physiological factors and thus seeking the help of a career coach is crucial.

2. You will settle for anything

Often times when a young individual faces more rejection than acceptance during recruitment, they reach a conclusion, that they will accept anything which comes there way. This is not something one should be doing. Just for the sake of employment, do not take a job which you are not good or happy doing. Because few months down the line you will regret this decision of yours and there will be no going back. Such things happen because of the fear block created in your mind due to several rejections. Get in touch with the career coach to figure out what you need to do.

3. What's next?

Often people wonder, what their next goal or objective is in life, once they have decided to give up on their current job. The discomfort and the dissatisfaction caused because of their current job, completely occupies their mind and doesn't let them think clearly about what they want from their next job. This when you need a career coach. Your career coach will have the right resources, tools, and expertise to help you understand your passion and values and thus creating a way to understand what you exactly want from your next job.

4. Unbiased Opinion

Suggestions and opinions from friends and families are really good and must be appreciated. However, the problem with their opinions is that they are based on their own experiences and lifestyle. And thus tends to be biased. If they are more concerned about financial status, they will ask you stick with your hefty paying job, even if you are not happy doing it. In such cases, you need a career coach who can provide you an unbiased opinion and can help you go through each of the options objectively. Their support and guidance can take you a long way in terms of career satisfaction and life happiness.


Elena Agaragimova

Global Talent Development Adviser

Bessern Coach


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