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4 Pillars of Creating Awesome Organizations

Every leader wants to create an organization where people love their work and what they do; people who are continuously learning, thriving, and driving their careers and the business forward. But, what does it really take to become an awesome organization?

In our work with corporations, we have identified 4 essential pillars that truly make an organization stand out when it comes to creating a place of work that people can love.

Creating an awesome work culture


A good culture is one that is centered on values, it is not just words in a website or entrance of the office. It is identifying behaviors and values that every individual in the company is empowered to practice and showcase in their day to day; values that are aligned to their personal values & behaviors they can truly lead with. As with anything – it starts from the top leadership – the actions and role-modeling need to start from the top. Consistency is key.

Continuous Learning

Creating opportunities for team members to keep learning: Aligning resources and tools for areas they want to grow in. That requires regular conversations among team members and their managers to understand what their career and personal goals are, what do they look for in the future with the company, what drives them, motivates them, etc. Supporting team-learning – requiring commitment from everyone; creating opportunities for people to sharing learnings / knowledge / feedback; offering support & creating a positive environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and growing.


Empowering team members to apply entrepreneurship mindset and skills to the business by creating opportunities to trial and error, experimentation & innovation – without the fear of punishment if one fails. Creating a psychological safety where team members are encouraged to bring forth new ideas and to try things. When you allow people to do that, you encourage them to share & create ideas that could potentially transform your business, while making employees feel accomplished, cared for, and encouraged to be at their optimal best.


Ensuring that every team member understands what their role brings to the whole organization, how their day-to-day work impacts the vision of the company and business growth. Sometimes people need a reminder that every action of every individual contributes to the larger picture. When people feel & know that their work (no matter how big or small) has an ultimate impact, they feel responsibility and purpose; thus, they are encouraged to deliver, improve, and contribute effectively to the organization.


Elena Agaragimova

Managing Partner at Bessern

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