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A case for one on one coaching and why it works

We know from neuroscience that essentially an individual is more likely to reach success if they 1. possess a growth mindset - defined as a belief that construes intelligence as malleable and improvable and 2. They have an understanding of what motivates them or intrinsic motivation which is what drives the direction of an individual’s behavior and self-determination.

People with a growth mindset are more likely to be open to feedback and overcome challenges as they arise and instead view them as opportunities to learn and get closer to their goals. Over the past few decades, behavioral science showed through varies studies that intrinsic motivation is extremely important in an individual’s motivation to reach their goals and impacts one’s overall learning and development.

A case for one on one coaching and why it works

On an individual level, what we see in our work with clients is that many don’t have a clear indicator of what motivates them, why they do what they do for their work, or how they ended up in the roles or life situations they are currently in. This is where coaching comes in greatly beneficial. With coaching, an individual has a safe and open space to reflect, be honest about their decision-making process, and openly discuss their realities as they make a plan to move ahead.

We also know from neuroscience and motivational studies that an individual is most likely to achieve and stay determined to achieve their goals amid all obstacles, if they make a choice for those goals, if they actually choose to pursue those goals vs having those imposed on them. For example, a student who does not have any interest in math is likely to get a lesser score than a student who enjoys the subject and takes great interest in studying it. Quite basic and common sense, right?

Yet, many students and professionals today still pursue subject, careers, projects that they have no interest in and very little desire to achieve.

Why this happens? Because many people are simply drifting in their studies and careers in whatever directions the wind will blow them, in this case the wind being external influence such as parents, employers, managers, communities, etc. This, in most cases, does not happen with any poor intention. We get so busy executing on plans and chasing the next thing that we forget to stop and ask ourselves what really matters to us, why we are in the careers that we are in, and what are we chasing.

If we don’t invest time in understanding ourselves and our motivations, drivers, plans, and choices, then we end up drifting. By working with a coach, an individual has a chance to discover their true interests, do some self-discovery and utilize the power of growth mindset and intrinsic motivation to lead a fulfilled life.


Elena Agaragimova

Bessern Coach - Global Talent Development Adviser


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